Thursday, 14 October 2010


I feel weird posting when no-ones following me just now, but anyways welcome to beauty made easy with stacy, im just here to help all people who are starting out, because i know how confusing the whole makeup thing gets! i learned from youtube & practise practise practise lol, i know alot of people say that but its true, your skills will get better with time, so anyways this is just a little blog with some tutorials, looks of the days, reviews ect.. maybe i'll make a youtube channel once i get more followers and stuff!

so some basics about me, my names stacy & im 19 years old, obviously really interested in makeup, hair & beauty, started really getting into makeup 3years at christmas, but always had a general interest in it, i love trying out new products and learning about new companys, i have a whole lot of interests, i've got a gorgeous wee cousin nathan who i adore more than life itself! he's my wee cutiepie! just recently got a new wee rough collie puppy called duke who is 10 weeks, he is just the cutest, i live in scotland which is ok, very cold lol,

so follow me and we'll have some great fun!